Chennai Rail Museum – Perambur | Integral Coach Factory

To felicitate the legacy of Indian Railways, Chennai rail museum was opened to the public in 2002. It is a division of the Integral Coach Factory of Perambur. The 6.3 acre museum has almost all the collections pertaining Indian Railways from steam engines of the British period. It is an eminent tourism attraction in Chennai to enhance the knowledge of the railways. The indoor display section of the museum shows a collection of rare photographs and artefacts, whereas, the outdoor exhibition boasts a major crowd towards the vintage coaches of Nilgiri mountain rails. It also houses around 40 different models of trains that are equally attractive. The galleries include various photographs detailing the early years of Integral Coach Factory. This will be where new exhibits, planned for the museum’s second decade, are located. Neal’s ball token system, which was used for signalling between trains and coaches will amaze the visit. There is a toy train facility to come across the museum.